5 Reasons To Use CAT6A For Wi-Fi

Ah, the wonderful world of Ethernet!

While most Wi-Fi installers are extremely familiar with CAT5E and CAT6 cables, we’ve often heard clients and other industry professionals ask:

“What’s the big deal with CAT6A?” and “Why should I upgrade?”

With emerging technologies, and increasing demands, it’s important to keep up. That’s why, in this article, we’re digging in to everything you need to know about high-performance Ethernet cables, the difference between CAT6 and the new and improved CAT6A, and more.

What is a CAT6A Ethernet cable?

A category 6A cable is a recent iteration of gigabit ethernet cabling. The “A” in 6A stands for augmented, symbolizing that CAT6A is improved version of the previous CAT6.

What’s the difference between CAT6 and CAT6A cables?


  • Offers a 10Gbps rating for 30 to 50 metres
  • Capable of supporting data transfer rates of up to 10Gbps at a maximum bandwidth of 250MHz
  • CAT6 is more expensive than CAT5E, but less expensive than CAT6A
  • 22-24 AWG wire gauges

Identifying CAT6: Thinner, less bulky, identity printed on cable jacket.


  • Offers a 10Gbps rating for over 100 metres or 330 feet
  • Capable of supporting data transfer rates of up to 10Gbps at a maximum bandwidth of 500MHz
  • CAT6A is more expensive than CAT6, but is also more advanced
  • 16-20 AWG wire gauges

Identifying CAT6A: Thicker, bulkier, identity printed on cable jacket.

Why is CAT6A the best choice for Wi-Fi cables?

1. Increased Bandwidth

CAT6A supports bandwidth that is twice the amount of CAT6. Longer cables with faster speed provides more flexibility and better performance.

2. Backwards Compatibility

CAT6A is backwards compatible with both CAT6 and CAT5E. However, it is important to note that when utilizing backwards compatibility, speeds will become limited.

3. Built For Industrial Use

CAT6A is thick and strong, making it the ideal solution for tough industrial environments.

4. Reduced Crosstalk

CAT6A features tighter twists and more insulation than the CAT6. Therefore, the CAT6A is able to reduce unwanted crosstalk with a higher degree of efficacy.

5. Cost Effective

CAT6A is considered one of the most cost-effective solutions as it is being developed and designed with forward thinking. Equipped to support future demands, those installing CAT6A are ahead of the curve.

CAT6A is also said to perform similarly to CAT7, but is offered at a lower price point.

What are the cons of CAT6A?

While some perceive the size and weight of the CAT6A cable as a disadvantage, we at CORE Cabling believe that this in no way outweighs the benefits.

Others may also cite termination methods as a con of CAT6A, however, new advancements in technology have reduced termination and installation time.

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9 Ideal Locations For Large-Scale Ruckus ZoneFlex Wi-Fi

Are you in need of Wi-Fi solutions that provide a best-in-class experience on a massive scale? Do you need advanced wireless security with robust management?

If so, Ruckus ZoneFlex Wi-Fi may be the best solution for you.

What is Ruckus ZoneFlex Wi-Fi?

Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi was developed to meet the growing demand for fast and reliable Wi-Fi in a cost effective way. As an ARRIS company, Ruckus supports a broad range of Wi-Fi access points to support a variety of requirements with ease, security, and sophistication.

Who should consider installing Ruckus ZoneFlex Wi-Fi?

Ruckus ZoneFlex Wi-Fi provides reliable, simple-to-use, adaptive technology for large-scale indoor and outdoor deployments such as schools, hotels, stadiums, restaurants, malls, shopping centres, smart cities, freight yards, and small businesses.

Learn more about the nine most ideal locations for large-scale, dynamic Wi-Fi from CORE Cabling below:

1. Schools

Do your teachers, students, and staff need access to secure Wi-Fi throughout the school day? Ruckus is known for its performance in challenging network conditions. In other words, your small IT staff will have no problem keeping pace with this system.

2. Hotels & Resorts

Accessing quick Wi-Fi in a hotel or resort is a priority for many guests traveling abroad, needing to check in with loved ones or with work. Therefore, it’s crucial that high-end accommodations provide the best of the best when it comes to intuitive cloud managed Wi-Fi.

3. Sports Stadiums

Are you challenged with high client density at the big game? With hundreds or even thousands of people uploading photos, checking in, and sharing messages, your brand needs Wi-Fi technology that you can depend on.

4. Small to Medium Sized Businesses

Interested in having customers fill out online surveys? Need access to your social media accounts? Processing payments online? We understand how important it is for you to avoid downtime, which is why Ruckus can be remotely set up within minutes and features a mobile app for anywhere, anytime management and monitoring.

5. Restaurants

With rising customer expectations, it’s now common for restaurant patrons to ask for the Wi-Fi password before digging into their meal. Provide your loyal foodies with easy to access Wi-Fi that will be the ‘cherry on top’ to their fantastic meal.

6. Shipping/Freight Yards

When you’re on the job, you’re too busy to worry about the Wi-Fi, and with Ruckus, you won’t have to. Ruckus Wi-Fi‘s indoor, outdoor, and special purpose access points help to deliver higher productivity.

7. Smart Cities

Ruckus Wi-Fi access points are built to satisfy even the smartest of cities. Get the best of both worlds with simplified cloud Wi-Fi management and the best APs in the industry.

8. Shopping Malls

Is the mall you manage Wi-Fi-unfriendly due to high traffic as well as thick and tough building materials? We get it, and we know exactly how Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi can help to keep shoppers happy and connected.

9. Retail Facilities

Are you managing a broad range of access points across a number of retail facilities? Ruckus Wi-Fi can help to simplify things by enabling your IT team to monitor, optimize, and troubleshoot your networks via a single dashboard.

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