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Our Partners

At CORE, we believe strong partnerships are at the root of good business.

Over more than 20 years, we have had the pleasure of working with true leaders in the network cabling, wireless and security markets. We are very careful to select only the highest quality, most reliable solutions for our clients.

We ensure our technicians meet all the associated standards and certifications for the solutions we choose. Our technicians receive constant training and apply themselves to be leaders in their fields. They each strive to be leading experts with a wide range of products and services so that they can serve our clients in the best possible way.

By solidifying partnerships with the organizations listed below, we ensure that CORE has the most comprehensive product and service solutions available to offer our clients.

Relationships matter.


CORE Cabling is part of the CommScope PartnerPRO Network, Certified by CommScope to supply, install and warranty Systimax and Uniprise network cabling solutions.

Courses Complete:

Certifying and Troubleshooting Premises Cabling Systems ACT 2 (3802)
Installing Premises Cabling Systems ACT 1 (3801)
SYSTIMAX Design & Engineering (3321)
SYSTIMAX Installation and Maintenance (3361)
SYSTIMAX MasterClass [SP3351]

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Connectrac™ Office Cabling Services

CORE has trained experts in the installation of Connectrac’s Under-Carpet, In-Carpet and In-Floor wireway systems for your office configuration. CORE has been a leading installer of Connectrac products in the GTA and in western Canada for many years.

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Redline LAN Installations

CORE is a one of Redline’s Certified System Integrators, and has conducted several successful installations of their RDL professional wireless systems across Canada.

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Ruckus Wi-Fi Installation

CORE has been a Ruckus partner for over ten years, implementing successful Zoneflex WI-FI access points for businesses across Canada. Our Ruckus installations include shopping and retail facilities, sports stadiums, hotels, and other mid-to-large scale wireless applications.

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Ubiquiti Networks

CORE technicians are seasoned experts in the installation and configuration of Ubiquiti’s powerful AirFiber product suite, for several mid-to-large scale commercial applications.

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