7 Things to Consider When Hiring a Structured Cabling Company for Your Office Network Upgrade

As an office manager, you know that having a reliable network and internet connection is crucial for the smooth operation of your business.

Let’s say you need to work with a structured cabling company to add workstations and run CAT6 Ethernet cable to all of them.

Here are a few things you should prepare for the cabling company and some questions you should ask:

Prepare a detailed plan of your office or warehouse layout. 
Include the location of the new workstations and any existing networking equipment. This will help the cabling company understand the scope of the project and provide a more accurate quote. If this is something you need assistance with, ask the structured cabling company whether they could facilitate creating a detailed plan based on your needs.

Provide a list of the networking equipment that you will use. 
Lay out a plan for all the networked equipment that will run, and also do some future planning in this list. What does it need to account for today, versus in a year or more? Include switches, routers, and other devices. This will help the cabling company ensure that they are using the appropriate cables and connectors.

Identify any potential challenges or obstacles. 
Be sure to include anything that the cabling company might encounter during the installation process, such as tight spaces or limited access to certain areas. Are certain panel boxes only accessible via a ladder or a lift? That’s the type of information they will need.

Ask about the cabling company’s experience and expertise. 
Do they have experience working on projects similar to yours? What kind of training do they offer their technicians, and what certifications do they have? Do they have references? What are other clients saying about their work?

Inquire about the cabling company’s customer service and support policies. 
Do they offer technical support after the installation is complete? What is their process for handling issues or concerns that may arise during or after the installation process? How do they handle expansions and future growth for your project?

Ask about the cabling company’s pricing and payment policies. 
Do they offer competitive pricing? What is their process for billing and payment? Are there any recurring fees to be aware of?

Inquire about the cabling company’s policies for testing and quality assurance. 
How do they ensure that the cables are installed correctly and functioning properly? Do they have an ongoing service plan that involves routinely checking the space for optimal coverage and troubleshooting potential issues?

Overall, it’s important to thoroughly research and communicate with the cabling company you choose to ensure that your project is completed efficiently and effectively. By preparing a detailed plan, providing a list of networking equipment, and asking the right questions, you can help ensure that your office or warehouse is connected and running smoothly. After all, you want to select a company you can trust and one that you will have a long-standing relationship with, to help you now and also with your future growth.

Please reach out to a CORE Cabling network specialist if you have any questions about planning any workstation additions for your office or warehouse—we’re always here for you!