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Whatever your end use for your wireless backhaul network, CORE Cabling will ensure you’re empowered to achieve it.

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CORE’s backhaul solutions meet the most rigid standards of availability, stability, and security, and they are tailored to suit the specific and unique needs of your business. When you have a wireless backhaul infrastructure you trust, you can achieve your end use goals, including:


Technology advances and application enhancements have drastically increased the demand for bandwidth in today’s businesses. With CORE’s solutions, you will have superior performance that will fully support your existing traditional data networks while also allowing you to implement Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Video, and conferencing applications.


The requirements to efficiently execute your technological applications are at a high and climbing all the time. CORE’s solutions are designed to meet your business needs and will be pre-determined before building your solutions. The end result will be a solution that will provide a low latency connection to fully support your requirements.


There are few applications as demanding as video is across a modern network. Video surveillance, specifically between multiple locations, was once seen as impractical, but it can now be easily achieved through CORE’s customized solutions. IP surveillance across our LAN Extension offers an unparalleled level of security for your physical infrastructure and intellectually property.

If you need your network to support high-bandwidth systems across multiple buildings, talk to us about how you need to apply it and we’ll help you determine and implement the right wireless backhaul solution.

"It has been a true pleasure working with CORE Cabling Inc. and I cannot thank you enough for the fantastic work that you have done and will continue to do for Corporate Benefits Division Inc."

— Luca Curalli

Customer Care Manager, Corporate Benefits Division