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Outdoor Wireless

Your wireless coverage needs to be even and accessible from everywhere on your grounds. CORE can make that happen.

Whether you’re running a Campground, RV or Motor Home Park, marina, golf course, outdoor festival or farm, you need internet coverage. Internet access has become a utility, as essential as hydro or water.

You need your network to be reliable, strong, and accessible from anywhere on your grounds.

Here’s how CORE can help you:

  • Site assessment and report of coverage area and requirements*
  • RF Site Survey detailing sightlines, APs and switches
  • Coverage plan with a full analysis of network
  • Installation, testing and signal strength checks across the coverage area


Your customers have come to expect high-speed internet from anywhere. Now you can offer them what they need. Contact CORE today to make it happen.


*WiFi coverage integrity depends on the strength of your source internet connection. If you have any questions about this, please just give us a call. 

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