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Towers & Infrastructure

Customized turnkey solutions for lightweight and heavyweight guyed and free-standing communication towers

CORE’s turnkey solutions for guyed and free-standing communication towers are designed and engineered by our team of on-site certified engineers.

Wireless Tower On A Roof

Our tower & infrastructure services include:

  • Tower engineering and design
  • Transport Canada and NAV CANADA applications
  • Building permit applications
  • Site construction including foundations
  • Tower assembly, erection & tower rigging services
  • Wireless tower rigging services
  • Antenna installation
  • Feed-line installation
  • Grounding systems
  • Guy wire tensioning and replacement
  • Lighting systems & Lighting protection
  • Painting & Rooftop installation
  • Masts
  • Tower service, repairs, and preventative maintenance

We have years of hands-on experience, technical knowledge, and installation savvy for building a stable communication infrastructure to support your firm’s wireless networks, point-to-point, and point-to-multipoint networks, and mesh and rural broadband networks.

Wireless towers and communications infrastructure is an integral part of a total wireless solution. Our skilled team of engineers and installation experts can deploy the infrastructure solution you need from a variety of manufacturers. We work closely with our partnering vendors throughout the engineering, design, provisioning, certification, and installation phases.

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