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Rural LANExtensions

While the business case behind point to point wireless communications has always been compelling, the benefits of wireless in the rural areas of Northern Ontario is stronger than ever.

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Geographic boundaries have little impact on business needs for effective communications.  The need for faster communications constantly increasing. Just as important, is that this communication be reliable, secure, and stable, not just fast. While this is the case that many businesses in Northern Ontario are facing, the list of options available, are not growing at the same rate. In many cases, there simply are not any options available that will deliver the throughput needed, at the level of service required.

This is one of the reasons CORE Cabling is continuing to expand their offering for Wireless LAN Extensions using Point to Point communications throughout Northern Ontario. Sault St Marie, Sudbury, Hagersville, Ohsweken, Kawarthas, Muskokas, Prince Edward County, Simcoe County, Timmins, and Manitoulin Islands. These are all areas where we have been able to help our clients achieve their communication goals. These clients include Mining companies, Colleges, Utility Providers, and Municipalities.

In many cases, Wireless LAN Extensions perform better in rural environments because there is less interference in the Line of Sight. This includes naturally occurring geographical obstructions, man-made obstructions, and interference in the wireless spectrum itself.

If you are looking to provide LAN Connectivity between branches, campuses, or from your satellite office to your headquarters, Wireless LAN Extensions can give you the connectivity you need at a compelling ROI point, and lower TCO when compared to traditional leased landlines. CORE Cabling, based in Newmarket Ontario, and serving the Greater Toronto Area, has a variety of wireless solutions to fit your needs.

Some of these options include:

  • High capacity links
  • Throughput of up to 2 gbps aggregate
  • Latency as low as 4ms for voice and video requirements
  • Dynamic rotating encryption for security protocols
  • High packet per second processing power
  • Licensed and unlicensed frequencies
  • Internal and external wireless solutions
  • Communication towers and infrastructure service
  • Consulting and engineering service
  • Design and installation services
  • Support and maintenance packages


"The techs and managers kept us updated on the progress of the project.  Communication was excellent at all times, and responses were clear and speedy.  We felt at all times CORE Cabling was responsive to our requests and went out of their way to make things work for us.  We appreciate your work, from sales to cabling to quality control.  You have made our transition smooth and without hassle."

— VIshnu Lilhardar

IT Support Instructor, PTA Adult Learning and Employment Programs