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Internet ofThings

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Facilitating Wireless Connectivity with IoT to Increase Business Insights


CORE Cabling offers responsive and cost-effective design and installation in wireless connectivity required for your Internet-of-Things (IoT) project. Our expertise is in designing and building a robust communication infrastructure between data-collecting sensors and the control centre found in an IoT system.

CORE Cabling’s 15+ years of experience in the wireless marketplace is an invaluable resource to ensure your IoT-based infrastructure works exactly as designed. Applying IoT to your business will allow for large data-collection and in turn, increase actionable insights to further improve your business.

We understand that an IoT-based infrastructure requires efficient communication to transfer large amounts of data. We will work closely with you to determine all your needs while providing a cost-effective solution.

We have a proven track record and years of experience in wireless networks, which guarantees your IoT project will have fast and reliable communication.

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Our certified wireless network specialists are ready to work with you to improve your business with an IoT-based infrastructure. Request a quote today and receive a free consultation by clicking on the button below. We hope to hear from you soon and get started on your IoT project!

The Case for An Internet-of-Things Infrastructure

The Internet-of-Things is loosely defined as a mixture of hardware, software and services that collect useful data. There are many advantages and applications for utilizing an IoT-based infrastructure as a way to improve your business.

This type of infrastructure allows the connection of devices and operating systems to the Internet while achieving a seamless transfer of useful data. This collection of massive amounts of data can be used to draw insights and identify areas of improvement to increase efficiency, productivity and effectiveness.

A few examples include smart meters, energy management systems, smart thermostats, internet-connected appliances, fitness devices and home security. Some commercial applications can involve inventory and material tracking, real-time asset monitoring, product and asset connectivity, among many other several cases.

We will work closely with you to apply an IoT-based infrastructure correctly for your business.

Reliable Business Grade Wireless Infrastructure

An IoT-based infrastructure is a combination of four distinct areas:

  • Sensors – Internet-connected devices capable of collecting data
  • Medium – the method in which the data is communicated from the sensors to a control centre
  • Control Centre – the device capable of collecting and storing data
  • System – the structured framework mining the data and providing the analytics in a useful format

To take advantage of an IoT-based infrastructure, it requires a very efficient, fast and reliable wireless connectivity that can handle all traffic loads. CORE Cabling’s expertise lies in facilitating this Medium - to ensure fast and reliable communication of data from the sensors to the control centre.

Bad connectivity can cause major data collection issues and may also result in missing the data tracking of devices. Our team of wireless designers and installers will work towards building a constant and consistent connection between Internet-connected devices and the control centre.

If you have any questions regarding our services for your IoT project or any other services, please email CORE Cabling today or give us a phone call at 905-235-7755.

"Everything went well. Our Rogers service has improved a lot and I will typically get four bars in my office when I used to barely get one. The range around the dealership has improved as well. Thanks!"

— Dave Sambrook

General Manager, Pfaff Porsche