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CommScope Installation

CORE Cabling is part of the CommScope PartnerPRO Network, Certified by CommScope to supply, install and warranty Systimax and Uniprise network cabling solutions. Plan now to support increased bandwidth!


  • Retains legacy application support of OM4
  • Increases capacity to > 100G per fiber
  • Enables single-pair Ethernet at 40G and 100G
  • Enables single-pair Fibre Channel at 128G
  • Reduces parallel fiber count by factor of 4
  • Extends MMF utility as universal medium
  • Matches footprint of InstaPATCH 360DM module
  • Fits the UD and HD fiber shelves, as well as existing 360G2 and UHD shelves


With the penetration of Internet of Things (IOT) devices predicted to be 20-50 billion strong by 2020—and internal data center traffic expected to grow threefold over the next five years—enterprise data center bandwidth is at risk of being overloaded in the near future. In order to meet and prevent the challenges associated with escalating data rates and overloads, CommScope has developed LazrSPEED OM5 WideBand Multimode Fiber (WBMMF) cabling solutions. These solutions enhance the ability of short-wavelength division multiplexing technology to provide an increase in useable bandwidth.


  • Total bandwidth is the result of combining modal bandwidth and chromatic bandwidth.
  • Two grades of  laser-optimized MMF are widely used today:
  • OM3 is specified at 850 nm,
  • OM4 delivers higher bandwidth than OM3 at 850 nm.
  • LazrSPEED OM5 WideBand extends the capability of OM4 across enough spectrum to support at least four low-cost multiplexed wavelengths.



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