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Multi-Pair VoiceCabling Services

Extend or add to your internal phone, fax, and alarm systems with core cabling's cost-effective services

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Installing or extending an internal high-quality multi-pair voice cabling system requires the expertise of a professional, certified technician.

Whether your building’s telecommunications provider is Bell, Rogers, Telus or another provider, the innovative and technologically savvy team at CORE Cabling can cost-effectively establish the necessary multi-pair voice cabling that your internal phone systems require.

In essence, we pick up where your telecommunications provider leaves off by extending the incoming phone lines from the demarcation point inside your building to your internal phone or network room.

We also provide detailed documentation of where and how your internal multi-pair voice cabling is connected to the cabling rack in your phone or network room, thereby empowering your in-house IT team to make any future changes to your internal phone network independently.

Do you need to add more phone lines in your office or extend your existing phone lines between rooms or floors? No problem! The CORE Cabling team has the expertise to provide your business with the extensive communication infrastructure you need throughout your building or office for alarm systems and phone or fax lines.


  • Category 3 and Category 5e 25-pair, 50-pair, and 100-pair colour-coded cabling
  • Detailed documentation of the installation in your network or phone room
  • Economical, efficient service based on industry best practices and certified technical standards
  • Responsive, experienced, friendly technicians who guarantee their work

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"Everything went well. Our Rogers service has improved a lot and I will typically get four bars in my office when I used to barely get one. The range around the dealership has improved as well. Thanks!"

— Dave Sambrook

General Manager, Pfaff Porsche