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Network Cabling

CORE Cabling will help your network grow through our wide range of structured cabling products and services.

office network cabling

Network cabling is the backbone of every modern business.


  • Installing certified Category 3, Category 5e, Category 6 and Category 6A twisted-pair copper cabling
  • Category 3 and Category 5e 25-pair to 100-pair cabling for multi-pair voice cabling installations
  • RG59, RG6, and RG11 coaxial cabling installation and maintenance
  • Equipment racks and cabinets design and installation to house your mission-critical computing hardware safely and securely
  • Vertical and horizontal cable management
  • Overhead and underfloor cable trays to keep cables clean, secured, and manageable

Network cabling affects everything—from phones, fax machines, and personal computers to data centers, multimedia and network services. Network (or structured) cabling is also the foundation for your wireless networks.

Network cabling involves cabling and connecting computing hardware to your network room and to the phone and data jacks on the walls in your office.

Something this integral to your business operations should be handled by the professionals.


“I have had the pleasure of using CORE for many of my worksites’ installation of copper and fibre cable networks/hardware. I have had nothing but positive experiences when using CORE and the professional installation team they have.”
– J. Valliere


Since 2009, CORE has been the go-to structured cabling design and installation expert for businesses all across Canada. Our certified, experienced technicians specialize in designing, building and managing flexible, structured cabling networks that work for you.

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