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Structured CablingServices

Core Cabling will help your network grow through our wide range of structured cabling products and services.

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A professionally designed structured cabling installation is necessary to establish a comprehensive network infrastructure to support multiple hardware systems, continuous flow of communications data across your business.

Since 2009, CORE Cabling has been the go-to structured cabling design and installation experts for small to midsized businesses in Toronto and across the Greater Toronto Area. Our certified, experienced technicians specialize in designing, building and managing flexible, structured cabling networks.

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Structured cabling is the backbone of every modern business. It is the glue that binds together a company’s voice and data networks and makes communication with the outside world possible – from phones, fax machines, and personal computers to datacenters, multimedia and network services, and wireless connections. It includes cabling and connecting computing hardware to the network room and to the phone and data jacks on the walls in your office.

What makes the CORE Cabling team different is we understand every structured cabling system is unique, just as your business is unique. Based on industry best practices and certified technical standards, we guarantee our work and we pride ourselves on exceeding our customers’ expectations.


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"Core Cabling has provided excellent workmanship and customer service. I would recommend Core Cabling on any future projects going forth."

— Craig Lucas

Project Coordinator, Maram Building Corp.