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Wireless Network Installation in Toronto

Every day, the wireless landscape is changing in Toronto.

Businesses and residences are actively hunting for the right coverage solutions. Smart phones and tablets have changed the way we interface with the web; connectivity has become a necessity.


There are many companies that have deployed Wi-Fi solutions within their respective facilities, without a suitable design tool such as Ekahau or Air Magnet. These tools have built in software that enables businesses develop a predictive dessign that lets us see the expected coverage in a particular environment.

Factors such as construction materials, warehouse inventory, and the number of users on the network can affect wireless network performance. Some other factors include:

  • Capacity on network greater than the number of suitable access points in proper placement within facilities.
  • Introduction of increased network-supported devices continues to grow, with VOIP and barcode scanning solution deployments, all of which require robust Wi-Fi to function optimally.
  • Many installations conducted without the proper tools or experience, where staff is “guessing” where access points should be located, without any prior assessment.

Because of all these factors, simply sticking a Wi-Fi router or access point on the ceiling where you think it should go is not sufficient.

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