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Understanding Received Signal Strength (RSSI) In Your WiFi Network

Are you annoyed with your WiFi signal? Have you unplugged, rebooted, and shaken your devices trying to improve the connection to no avail? 

We understand your frustration, and our Core cabling and wireless team can help. 

What is an RSSI?

RSSI, or “Received Signal Strength Indicator,” is a measurement of how well your device can hear a signal. In other words, RSSI is a value for determining a good wireless connection.

What is dBm?

While also a measure of signal strength, dBm is unlike RSSI as it is an absolute number representing power levels in milliwatts. 

RSSI is only a relative index of power. 

Overview of Signal Strengths 

The best signal you can receive is -30 dBm. -90 dBm is unusable:

Need Help With WiFi Strength?

Core Cabling now offers Ruckus Wireless, Cisco, Ubiquiti and other vendors wireless network infrastructure for both indoor and outdoor commercial areas. If your WiFi strength is suffering, consider upgrading to our best solution yet! Let’s get started! 


Call to set up your consultation with one of our Wireless Experts from. 


We will help determine your priority areas, trouble areas, number of access points needed, where best to place them to provide the coverage you need.


The price for installing a commercial-grade Wi-Fi solution scales depending on the number of access points needed for coverage and capacity. 

As long as you have an Internet connection, we will take care of the rest.

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