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Network Room Clean-ups& Cable Audits

Messy cabling can lead to troubleshooting woes and more. Avoid server and network room hell.

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Is your network room or primary server room in a state of disarray? Are you surrounded by a sloppy, incomprehensible tangle of cables? If there’s one thing your business and internal IT team doesn’t need, it’s a cabling rat’s nest in the IT closet that no one can explain or clean up. Not only does a messy network room make troubleshooting a seemingly insurmountable task, it can be hazardous. Smart cable management is essential.

The CORE Cabling team are experts at uncluttering network and server rooms or IT closets so they are clean, space is being used optimally, and all equipment and cables are accurately mapped and documented to make any future work or troubleshooting a cinch. Most network cabling issues can be resolved quickly when your network room is well-organized and the cabling is properly documented. An orderly network room can also significantly reduce service call times and costs if you need to call in outside help.

Our cost-effective, prudent network room clean-up and cable audit services include:

  • Efficiently untangling, cleaning, and reorganizing the cabling in your network room, server room, or IT closet
  • Establishing proactive vertical and horizontal cable and equipment management
  • Thoroughly documenting all equipment and cabling so your in-house team can operate with ease

Avoid messy cable closets and server room hell. Contact us now.

"The techs and managers kept us updated on the progress of the project.  Communication was excellent at all times, and responses were clear and speedy.  We felt at all times CORE Cabling was responsive to our requests and went out of their way to make things work for us.  We appreciate your work, from sales to cabling to quality control.  You have made our transition smooth and without hassle."

— VIshnu Lilhardar

IT Support Instructor, PTA Adult Learning and Employment Programs