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Network Racks& Cabinets

Proactive network equipment and cabinet planning, design, and installation services.

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Your business’s on-premise server or network room needs to be functional now and well into the future. That requires planning, designing, and selecting the right network racks and cabinets to house your hardware. After all, network racks and network cabinets are almost as important to the health and effectiveness of your office’s entire network as the quality and quantity of the cabling you choose.



You and your in-house IT team need to pick the right configuration, size, and number of server racks and cabinets that you need now and further on down the road. It’s the critical first step to establishing proper cable management.

But planning, designing, selecting, and then installing these vital equipment pieces is no easy task for small to medium-size businesses with limited time or resources. Simply leaving your server hardware or network appliances exposed by stacking them on a shelf is not a wise alternative. In fact, doing so is akin to having a time bomb sitting in your office that will explode without warning.

Call on the expert technicians at CORE Cabling. We have the experience and technical savvy to design and build the network or server room using the right equipment that will suit your business now and in the future and in a cost-effective manner.

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"The techs and managers kept us updated on the progress of the project.  Communication was excellent at all times, and responses were clear and speedy.  We felt at all times CORE Cabling was responsive to our requests and went out of their way to make things work for us.  We appreciate your work, from sales to cabling to quality control.  You have made our transition smooth and without hassle."

— VIshnu Lilhardar

IT Support Instructor, PTA Adult Learning and Employment Programs