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Cable RelocationsServices

If your business requires moves, adds, or changes to its cabling infrastructure, turn to CORE Cabling to get the job done right.

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Is your business moving to a new location or does your building require additions to its cabling infrastructure?

Moves can be stressful enough without having to worry about your cable and related services. If your business requires moves, adds, or changes – commonly referred to as “MAC work” – to its cabling infrastructure, turn to an experienced team of certified technicians to get the job done right.

CORE Cabling has years of experience providing business owners and office managers with peace of mind when they need to relocate to a new building or require additions or changes to their existing infrastructures. Our team of experts can efficiently and cost-effectively assist you with moves, adds, or changes to your structured cabling framework.


  • Cable asset relocations
  • Single and dual cable additions
  • Network furniture reconfigurations
  • Rescaling cable services

"It was a pleasure working with the CORE Cabling team, they were accommodating at every turn, especially with out constantly changing move schedules.  They were always able to make sure the job was done, and that when we moved into the new office, our business did not lose a single step.  If we need any network cabling done in the future, out first contact is CORE Cabling."

— Darryl Hutton

Senior Desktop Administrator, Truckstop Canada