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Redundant Cable Removal

Old and abandoned cables pose a safety hazard and a risk to the health of your building’s network

Whether you’re conducting renovations at your office or are overseeing a new site development, you need to remove old and abandoned cabling in a safe, environmentally friendly manner while ensuring any live cable or equipment is not interrupted or disturbed.

For commercial property managers, as the businesses leasing your offices, suites, and retail locations change, you need to ensure the property is clean and adequately prepared to meet the demands of your incoming customers.

The CORE Cabling team is Toronto’s and the Greater Toronto Area’s cost-effective cable installation and removal experts. As general cabling, network cabling, and server room demands change, dismantling, removing, containing and disposing of redundant wiring and cabling safely is important and delicate work.

Our team specializes in providing redundant cable removal services in a number of scenarios including:

  • Underfloor data centre cable decommissions
  • Overhead cable trays replacement
  • Relocations of network cabling rooms or data centres
  • Removing cabinets and general cabling containment

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