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Power Bars orPDU’s

Every network requires a power bar or power distribution unit (PDU).

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  • Usually these are connected to UPS power and are critical for all of your network devices located in racks or cabinets.
  • Whether metered or non-metered, horizontal or vertical, twist loc or straight blade, switched or switch disabled, CORE Cabling can provide you with assistance in determining your Network’s requirements.
  • Also, consider mounting your PDU’s power source at the top of your rack to prevent cord trip hazards.

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"It was a pleasure working with the Core Cabling team, they were accommodating at every turn, especially with out constantly changing move schedules.  They were always able to make sure the job was done, and that when we moved into the new office, our business did not lose a single step.  If we need any network cabling done in the future, out first contact is Core Cabling."

— Darryl Hutton

Senior Desktop Administrator, Truckstop Canada