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Patch Cables

Core cabling inc. Can provide you with any size and color of copper and fiber patch cable.

Patch cord length is also a big factor in planning your new cable installation.  When installing hundreds of network cables you will most likely have more than one network rack or cabinet.  In this case, patch cable length will be very important.

Purchasing all of your cables at the same length will be detrimental to the look and management of your network.  You will want to ensure that you have a good variety of patch cable lengths on hand.

If not, you risk filling up all of the cable management with SLACK!  Cable managers become condensed quite quickly with large installations, and cable management should be reserved for future cable additions.

CORE Cabling Inc. can identify your patch cable length requirements to suit your installation.

Patch cable color coding is also another great idea for your network administrators.  If you are managing voice, data, video etc. through one network rack, color coding can save your organization valuable time.

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