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Is my WirelessRouter Obsolete?

When is it time to upgrade your wireless router?

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Is your office experiencing bottlenecks in its wireless network? Are you paying through the nose for internet speeds you never actually achieve?

These problems and others could simply come down to an outdated wireless router. So, is it time to buy a new wireless router? Here we'll discuss router basics, reasons to upgrade your current router and how CORE can assist your business to overcome these obstacles, improve its overall functioning and get its money's worth.


A standard modem only allows you to connect one computer to the internet at a time. A router allows multiple users to connect to one or more computers at a time. It's called a router for the simple reason that signals are being routed back and forth. Devices can be connected to the router either with a wire or without wires (otherwise known as Ethernet cables).


Below are some of the many benefits you'll gain from an upgrade:

  • Faster speeds: Newer routers can handle streaming multiple devices speedily.
  • Broader distance: Access the Internet anywhere in your office (no more dead zones).
  • Support for more wireless devices: Connect dozens of devices without fear of a noticeable slowdown.
  • Better security: Newer routers offer more secure ways to safeguard your network and information.
  • Get what you're paying for.


To determine whether your business needs a new wireless router, a CORE specialist will take some metrics of your current office network. This won’t take long to do, and the payoff is to ensure that the network is getting the internet speeds that you are paying for as well as minimizing buffering, lag, and other atrocities.

If you suspect that you may require a new and improved router to increase productivity and decrease workplace frustration, contact an expert at CORE to get the issue resolved once and for all. We can recommend the best solution for your current needs, finances and situation. If you aren’t getting the speed you are paying for when connected directly to your wireless router, then CORE can help make sure you do.

"It was a pleasure working with the Core Cabling team, they were accommodating at every turn, especially with out constantly changing move schedules.  They were always able to make sure the job was done, and that when we moved into the new office, our business did not lose a single step.  If we need any network cabling done in the future, out first contact is Core Cabling."

— Darryl Hutton

Senior Desktop Administrator, Truckstop Canada