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How Does Wireless Technology Work?

What affects the deployment of wireless networks?

Wireless Networks are affected by five major issues.

Reflection is the change of direction of a RF wave as it bounces off a medium.


Absorption is the lessening of the signal strength as it passes through a medium.


Refraction is the change in direction of a RF wave as it passes through a medium.


Diffraction is the bending of RF waves around an object.


Scattering is when the RF wave hits a jagged edge and scatters into multiple waves.



Multi-path is when the generated RF wave is disrupted by Reflection, Absorption, Refraction, Diffraction and Scattering which causes the same RF wave to arrive at the Device at different times. This causes severe damage to the received signal and can bring a 802.11 A/B/G network to a crawl.


Experiencing any of these issues?

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