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Fibre Connectors

Ever find yourself confused with what type of fibre connector you are looking for, or what they look like?

Fibre connectors come in different shapes and sizes. Each has its own unique use and cable installation application. Do you know which fibre optic cables are meant to work where?

Here is a list of some common fibre connector types with pictures, and an easy-to-remember naming mechanism:

  • ST Connector: This is an easy one to remember because you need to “twist” it into place. We use the “T” for twist. It actually stands for “straight tip” connector.
  • SC Connector: We remember this one for its resemblance to “square”
  • LC Connector: The LC connector has become the most popular interface for optical line equipment and is well established in fibre backbones.
  • MTRJ Connector: A small form-factor fibre optic connector which resembles the RJ-45 (Ethernet).
  • Fibre Optic Connector types

This is not a complete list of fibre connector types, but they are the most popular. Feel free to contact us for any custom patch cord or configuration. If your existing fibre patch panel, or fibre bay is loaded with ST connectors for example and your new switch comes loaded with the SC type of connector, a ST-SC fibre patch cord at any length is available.

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