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Fibre Certification, Trouble-Shooting and OTDR Testing

Installing a high-end fibre optic cabling system begins with the best materials, the best installation practices and the best test equipment.

Without proper test results, you will never know how good your fibre optic cable is. Taking the time to do OTDR testing on your fibre optic cable will tell you if the cable has been installed correctly.

CORE Cabling uses industry-leading materials and test equipment like the Fluke Versiv and the Viavi OTDR.

What is involved in trouble-shooting and testing?

Many factors come into play when determining whether or not your fibre cable has been installed in a professional manner. Things like the number of bends or the severity of a bend can reduce the performance of a fibre optic cable.

Fibre connectors, or terminations, can also greatly affect the quality of a fibre installation. Improper cleaving techniques, dirt and dust can leave your fibre optic installation less than perfect.

Using industry-leading fibre optic test equipment shows you where the problems are and will guarantee that your investment will perform like it was designed to.

Once we have completed your fibre optic cable installation, CORE Cabling will provide you with test results for all installed cables, as well as a 20-year warranty for every cable we install.

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