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We recently heard a story where a cabling company had purchased a truckload of cable from an offshore source at a very significantly reduced price.

Once the install was complete and testing commenced, it was found that the entire cable install failed the required tests according to industry standard.

Subsequently, this so-called “cheap” install, became very costly to the integrator as all of the cable had to be removed because of a defect.

When selecting a manufacturer for your installation, it is critical to ensure that the cable and connectivity products come with an extensive end-to-end warranty; 20 years should be the minimum.

An end-to-end cabling solution protects your investment from the patch cord that connects your PC at the workstation all the way back to the patch cord that connects to your network switch.

The advantages of working with the network cabling specialists

CORE Cabling Inc. works with industry-leading manufacturers to provide your company with a fully warranted end-to-end structured cabling solution. Once your install is complete and tested with state of the art test equipment, we submit all test results to the manufacturer for review.

Their on-staff engineers review our test results and issue a certificate to you, the end user, which entitles you to a full warranty on their products for at least 20 years.

Want more some information on pricing and services? Fill out our Request a Quote form and a member of our staff will contact you shortly to discuss the services you require.

"We recently completed a cabling project for Data, Wi-Fi, and Security Cameras throughout our facility.  Core Cabling did a great job, we have a very busy and challenging environment to work in.  I am very impressed with the quality of work.  I am sure we will be doing more business in the future."

— Derek Bender

Director of IT and Systems, Almag Aluminum