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Embracing Change at CORE Cabling

I want to bring you up to speed with a development here at CORE Cabling.

As many of you know, our company has grown incredibly since our inception in 2009. It has been a wonderful journey so far. We’re very thankful to have the opportunity to work with so many incredible organizations on so many fascinating projects. Having said that, we’re ready to take the next step in our evolution and tackle our new path forward with confidence and open communication with the same continued CORE professionalism and proven workmanship.

Everyone in the communications industry knows how quickly things can shift and how important it is to adapt to change.

One of the most significant recent changes that I’d like to announce: CORE Cabling has joined with the IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) Local 353.

I strongly feel that by making this transition, we are opening a whole new chapter in CORE’s successful development.

So, what are some of the advantages of this decision?

Employee Training and Certification

The communications industry is not regulated by training and certifications in the same way as other trades. In other words, you don’t need to be “certified” to be a network technician. However, the complexity of communications projects continues to intensify, along with the expectations and requirements of staff. And, given that Information and Communication Technologies are deemed as essential services by the Federal Government, a baseline of staff education and certification makes complete sense.

CORE technicians are already well-trained and have years of collective experience to draw from. By joining the IBEW, CORE technicians are ensured to expand on this expertise with the most up-to-date and essential training.

We also see the increased education in the market by way of technician up-skilling as an advantage to the entire industry. The more we all collectively know, the more everyone will benefit. This includes wider adoption of safety protocols, adherence to technical standards, and increased awareness of product innovations and developments.

Additional High-Profile Projects

This move opens CORE up to projects with organizations that will only hire unionized contractors. This gives CORE the chance to bid on projects that would otherwise have not been available.

CORE Staff Will Have Additional Perks

By being part of the IBEW, CORE team members will have access to more perks. They will have access to top-tier industry training materials. They will have representation for pay increases. They will have consolidated benefits packages. They will also be able to work on additional high-profile projects that broaden their skill sets and push their career development forward.

For everyone in the CORE family, this move is a win-win.

What this means to CORE Clients

Nothing is changing. You will still have the same exceptional quality of service you have come to rely on over the years. In addition, we do not intend to change our very competitive labour rate at least for the time being, which keeps us well-positioned for bids on projects today and into the future.

What may change, if anything, will be the increased scope of work we can offer our new and existing clients.

This Evens the Playing Field

With CORE joining the IBEW, we are evening out the playing field when it comes to hiring quality professionals for important communications work.

Electrical companies that are mandated to sub work to union companies will have CORE Cabling as an option now, which gives the market more flexibility when bidding on work.

The Bigger Picture

Our mission is to help companies that don’t have communications divisions succeed. Now that mission includes companies that are mandated to work with union companies.

This is a big step for us, and we are extremely excited about what’s to come. Thanks for being here on the journey with us, we look forward to connecting with you soon.

Edwin Darlington – President; CORE Cabling Inc. 

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