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Fusion SplicingServices

CORE Cabling Inc offers fusion splicing services for all your fiber optic cabling needs.

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An interconnect can introduce up to .75db of loss while the fusion splice is typically less than 0.02db.



Optical fibre fusion splicing, or fibre splicing, is the process of fusing two fibre optic cables together, usually by an electric arc. Fusion splicing is the most widely used method of splicing because it provides the lowest loss and least reflectance, as well as providing the strongest and most reliable connection between two fibre optic cables.

Fusion splices play a crucial role in today's optical networks. The goal of fusion splicing is to create a connection with minimum insertion loss, and a mechanical strength and longevity that matches the fibre itself.

CORE Cabling's Fusion Splicing Services Offer the Following:

  • Knowledgeable and experienced fibre technicians
  • Fast and efficient end to end fibre optic cable services
  • Professional and quality workmanship using industry standard components
  • Comprehensive testing using Fluke Fibre Optic Testing Equipment
  • Support and Service for single mode and multimode fibre applications

CORE Cabling's Fusion Splicing Applications:

  • Fibre optic cable repair
  • Fibre optic cable installations
  • Fibre optic cable extensions

CORE Cabling's Fusion Splicing Benefits:

  • Offers the lowest insertion loss and lowest back reflection
  • Creates the highest mechanical strength and the most durability
  • Secure connectivity directly to equipment and eliminates loss due to fibre bulkhead
  • Cost effective method of fusing fibre optic cables
  • Creates a permanent and compact connection

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"The Core Team were a pleasure to work with. The job was completed in a timely manner and was done with a high level of quality. I have already recommended CORE Cabling to our partner companies."

— Anthony Ricci

Production Planner, ABC Group