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Armoured FibrePatch Cable​

Fiber optic cable is fragile. It needs to be protected, especially when in harsh applications, such as deep underground, or in office buildings with congested conduit.

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Without protection, rodents, construction work, the weight of multiple cables and other factors can all cause damage and prevent your network from functioning.

Armoured fibre patch cable retains all the features of standard fibre cable but is much stronger due to its extra layers of ‘armour’. Due to its ruggedness and superior crush resistance, it’s the ideal solution for fibre optic cabling installations in harsh conditions that require exceptional durability.


Installing armoured fibre patch cable has several benefits, including:

  • Virtually unbreakable: immune to twisting, kinking and crushing
  • Safe & secure: can withstand a reasonable amount of weight
  • Rodent & weather resistant
  • Cost effective: just slightly more than standard fibre cable
  • Flexible and lightweight: easy to work with and to carry
  • Easy to install: unique design greatly reduces installation difficulties
  • Easy to maintain: risk of downtime is lessened when cable damage occurs
  • Customizable: custom cable lengths are optional


Traditional fibre cable is unprotected whereas armoured fibre patch cable boasts a stainless steel tube, reinforced with Kevlar and an additional steel braided layer with an outer jacket.

This makes it better for applications where patching and re-patching are done on a consistent basis. It can withstand more weight and is available in Single-mode or Multi-mode 10GIG 50 micron as well as 62.5 with most connector configurations.

At CORE, we supply a range of armoured fibre patch cable options, including both Single-mode and Multi-mode. If you require extra protection and reliability for your current or upcoming network installation project, contact an expert at CORE to discuss your options, or request a quote.

"We recently completed a cabling project for Data, Wi-Fi, and Security Cameras throughout our facility.  Core Cabling did a great job, we have a very busy and challenging environment to work in.  I am very impressed with the quality of work.  I am sure we will be doing more business in the future."

— Derek Bender

Director of IT and Systems, Almag Aluminum